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I had an email  last week from a head hunter, asking me if I wanted to try out for a role in card fraud – my old line of work.

I’ve had a fair few calls and emails over the last year since I left the industry, but generally they are down in London, a daily trek of 3 or so hours which doesn’t really fit in with the school run.

This one, however, did make me pause to think. It’s an hours daily drive, but that’s doable. It was very close to my old role, but with enough differences to make it interesting. And it was a nice little package.

Which means I had to stop and evaluate what I have now and start to think about what I really want.

What are your priorities and worries in life?

1. Money

Wonga. Spondoodles. A big fat wedge of cash every month. Who doesn’t want a nice fat income to keep the house running and be able to afford sunny holidays and new shoes every month? Of course I do – it’s been a year since I had a disposable income and could happily dive into the sales without a care in the world. Take the kids on holiday, experience trips, days out, treats.

2. Security

Do you worry about what life will be like when you are 75? ‘They’ say that by the time I retire, there won’t be any money left for my state pension. ‘They’ say that we have more elderly people freezing and starving every year, with a lack of cash and no one to care for them. When I retire I want to have a pension to support me in my wonder years – the years when I can go explore the world having done my 50 odd years of hard labour.

3. Family time

‘They’ (who are these mysterious people?) call it a work/life balance. It’s about working in order to be able to have a life, not living for work. It’s about being able to see your kids in the morning and feed them their breaky, being able to go to school plays and parent lunches. It’s about helping with homework. I like seeing my children at some point in the day. This is why I had kids, ya know. So I could bring them up, parent them. Not just because I wanted some non-paying pets I could feed and change occasionally.

4. Me time

Hello. I am a person. I am not a robot. I don’t just get up, work, pay taxes and go back to bed. I also want to have time to do things for myself. Have hobbies. Maybe even (don’t laugh) go to the gym. Me time!


So – if I go back to a full time job, a fair distance away. I get the cash and I get the pension. But I lose the homework time and the chance to learn how to grow my own veg. The kids go back to before and after school clubs, making their days exceptionally long. But I would be free at weekends to play instead of spending mornings working (self-emplyment apparently means working 7 days a week).

On the other hand, if I stay as I am I have some cash, no security, but I get to cheer my kids on in the pancake race and have time to develop a blog, take my mind in a different direction and try out something I always wanted to do.


What is the answer? What would you do?


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Look to the future — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Piper

    Can you do both? Can you be in the “office” 2-3 days a week and telecommute the difference? I don’t know what this job is, but I imagine there is paperwork, reports, etc., to do? I look at it this way, you never know until you ask!

    BTW – Please come by and pick up your award(s)! http://wp.me/p2zGQ7-1dO Congratulations!

    • Ooooh – an award. I love awards. Thank you so much for picking me. I have been so up the wall this week I haven’t had a chance to read this weeks posts but I will catch up, I promise.

    • I know what you mean, the majority of dads don’t. But then, I see Mr G working flat out and coming home worn out and stressed at feeling he is personally responsible for all of us and I think sometimes the pressure the men put on themselves is just as bad but in a different way. They don’t get the choice of being at home with the kids a lot of the time, they are ‘expected’ to be out working.

  2. I already chose for the past 20 years, give or take some part-time work here and there, to be a stay at home mom. I worked full time for four months about 2 years ago and couldn’t take it, and that was in the school system so I was home with the kids! I have rarely missed any of their sports events, and I’m there when they need to talk out their problems, and I wouldn’t change a thing. It was very hard sometimes financially, but we muddled through. My oldest is graduated and on to a career now. Next year, my second one will be doing the same, and three years later, number three goes to college. The time has flown by, hard times, good times, happy and sad times. I didn’t miss a thing, except maybe a few shopping trips and fancy vacations. We live on a budget, but that also teaches them to live within their means. I made plenty of mistakes, but also learned a lot. If I choose, I can go to work when they are gone. I will still have 20 years (about) to build up a retirement, but my husband has been doing that for the last 20 years and will keep doing it, while I take care of the rest. Best of luck in your decision making. I know what I would choose all over again.

    • Not working at all is just not an option for me. But it is good to hear from people who have made it work, it does make me think less work, more child time is the way forward.

  3. Have you given more thought to this, Piper? I think you know by now that I gave up my corporate position to stay home and raise our son. Because of that, we always lived pay to pay, but we never second-guessed the decision. Even when my husband lost his union job, and he had to take the next job at less pay, we managed. I’ve been happy here at home, and I did manage to find my own work-from-home job that allowed us a little extra cash for field trips and fun. Now that the boy is gone, and I could go back to work, I’m simply choosing not to. I’d rather stay home and write and see where that goes. Good luck with your decision.

    • The way I am suddenly swamped with work has made me realise how I do need more time at home with the kids and husband. I’m not going back to the corporate world if I can avoid it, but what I am going to do about work I have now, that is another question.

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