Cheesecake sandwiches and zombies

Weekends can be pretty samey round here. Family life is not about partying every weekend, spontaneous weekend getaways and daredevil extreme sports.

Well – I am sure some people do sign up to that and manage to fit it in with picking dirty pants up off the floor and baking 24 cupcakes ready for the school fundraiser. But the majority of us mums just about cope with keeping the house ticking over and the kids growing.

However this weekend was one of new experiences for me, which I thought I would share.

My great mate B came to stay for the weekend. We went through school together from the age of 11, and there is not a lot that can bring two girls closer than enforced sisterhood in boarding school. We bond to survive!

This lady saw me through my first period, acne, blubbering over boys and dealing with the evil witch who was our ‘surrogate mother’ whilst holding us in her merciless care throughout our school years. No matter what, I know she has my back even now. If there was a body to bury, we would do it together. Probably whilst drunk.

So when we get together there is often a mutual sharing fest of wine, memories, laughs, even some sadness maybe.

This weekend B arrived with some chocolate wine. Not something I have tried before – a new experience. We had already arranged to try out an experiment we saw on that font of knowledge known as Facebook – skittle vodka. Basically this involves taking all the red skittles and leaving them to disintegrate in vodka, doing the same with the purple skittles, yellow skittles and so on.

Prepare the skittle vodka, leave for a few hours to dissolve. Drink.

Prepare the skittle vodka, leave for a few hours to dissolve. Drink.

Having prepared our experiment, purely in the name of research you understand, we went shopping for some more new experiences to try.

We found  . . .  chocolate Philadelphia, traditional Mead and mulled cider.

B introduced me to fresh baked bread dipped in melted  Camembert. I introduced her to Philadelphia and Lemon Cheese sandwiches (cheesecake in bread – mmmm).

If you are now sensing a theme for our weekend, it was not all about food and drink you know. Just wait for the ending!

Chocolate wine, traditional Mead, mulled cider and chocolate Philadelphia.

Chocolate wine, traditional Mead, mulled cider and chocolate Philadelphia.

I invented these when I was a child and have loved them ever since. Philadelphia and Lemon Cheese sandwiches. Yummy

I invented these when I was a child and have loved them ever since. Philadelphia and Lemon Cheese sandwiches. Yummy

The outcome – Skittle vodka with lemonade tastes just like, well, skittles. Marks out of 10 – 8. We concluded we need more skittles per inch of vodka. But worth trying again.

Chocolate wine. Conclusion – two items that should never be mixed. Marks out of 10 – 3. It’s drinkable, but if there is skittle vodka around I would choose that anytime.

Traditional Mead – wow. It’s like drinking pure honey. As in, it is so incredible sweet it could melt your teeth as you drank it. Marks out of 10 – 2. I am sure it is drinkable, but even my sweet tooth was wincing.

Unfortunately we did not get around to the mulled cider and we were undecided on the chocolate Philli. I know now that I do not like Camembert, however I have succeeded in converting another friend round to my cheesecake in a sandwich fetish.

I know what you are thinking. You are clearly now of the opinion that we are just about the most suave and sophisticated pair of young women you have ever heard of. Hey – don’t knock it!

So after our experimenting on a Saturday night, we then woke on Sunday bright and early for the next new experience.

We dressed in our best. As in – ripped jeans, dirty T-shirts, holey jumpers and grubby trainers.

And off we went to be zombies for the day.

Yep – on Sunday I tried out being an extra in a movie. Get me!

Well, in the internet trailer for the movie anyway. What a fabulous way to spend a Sunday, covered in blood and gore. Here is a quick picture preview – once the link is ready I will post it. Guess which one is me!

Zombie trailer coming soon. PIcture courtesy of Wasteland Feature Film

Zombie trailer coming soon. PIcture courtesy of Wasteland Feature Film

So I guess today is about trying out new experiences. There is so much out there to try. It doesn’t have to be huge, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Being an extra was unpaid, free fun. The only charge, a little time.

Tell me about a new experience you have had recently – share it, I might just want to try it too.

And if you do nothing else this week, try a cheesecake sandwich. Trust me, you will thank me for it.

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Cheesecake sandwiches and zombies — 20 Comments

  1. Looks like you guys had a blast! The first clue was definitely the Skittles Vodka 🙂 Though your Zombie movie bit wasn’t too far behind either! 🙂 I have been wanting to try Skittles Vodka forever! But I have made Gummy Bear Vodka! 🙂 Yummy but not potent enough 🙁

    • Apparently toffee vodka is easy – just crush 3 bags of Worthers Originals into a bottle and leave to dissolve. Although, since you can buy toffee vodka that seems a bit pointless. I’m going to see what other flavours we can come up with . . . all suggestions welcome. 🙂

  2. What a fantastic time you two must have had. I loved reading this (though I’m sure about chocolate in wine now) 😉

    I can’t wait to see the link to the pictures! Is that you holding the hat?

    • Nope – that one is not me. I think she is one of the main parts in the actual film. Mr G is in the picture too, but I am not sure you can really see much of any of us.

      The video has landed – I just added a link in the next post. A little disappointed though, I am not sure I can be seen at all 🙁 Still, we had a blast.

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  4. What a fantastic time you two had. I loved that you scored your tastings. And how cool that you tried out being an extra – and made it into a trailer. You never cease to amaze me! 🙂

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