The slightest touch

Is it in the way he reaches out to hold her hand as they walk down the street? The gentle caress she places on his arm as they gaze across the water? The quick kiss they share before they turn to walk on?

Stroking her hair goodbye as he gets up in the morning for work. Arriving home and starting the evening with a hug and kiss hello. Sitting at opposite ends of the sofa with feet entwined in the middle.

A cheeky cup of her buttock while she bends over the dishwasher. A naughty pinch of his bum as he puts dinner in the cooker. Gently wiping bubbles from his face after washing up.

Holding her closely and gently running his lips over hers, pushing in with a deep and lingering kiss. Running her hands over his shoulders, pressing her body against his. Feeling his hands run over her hips and down her back.

Ruffling his hair as she passes, while he bends down to tie his daughters shoelaces. Squeezing her shoulder as he checks on his son, crying in her lap from a skinned knee.

Bringing her a coffee and a kiss while she irons. Stroking her belly while the baby grows inside. Tickling his knee as his drives.

It’s the snapshots of intimacy that bring them together, the causal touches and slightest kisses that make a couple. It’s the gentle reminders that they are thinking of each other, demonstrations of caring and appreciation that keep relationships running throughout the years, the stresses and the strain that life can bring. Take away the intimacy, take away the casual touches, holding hands and quick passing kisses and they are bereft, alone, unloved.

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The slightest touch — 8 Comments

  1. Beautifully said, and all so important — and yet, in today’s hectic world, so easy to overlook. You’ve got to keep touching, with words and deeds, every day.

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