Project Optimism – It’s all in the planning

Today is Monday – the day we write a post for Project Optimism.

The problem I had today is that I am not really sure what to write about. You see, I am already operating at a pretty high level of muscle clenching, wee inducing, over excitement due to our impending getaway.

I have spent the morning searching for cheap thermal underwear for the kids, on the basis that Paris in March is going to be a wee bit chilly and no matter how hysterically hyperactive they are going to be, at some point the cold may just overwhelm the heat caused by the wriggling.

I have planned the journey – warning triangle and breakdown cover for the car, European sat nav for my sanity, entertainment and drinks for the kids, tranquiliser for Mr G (seriously, can you imagine a normally twitchy, tense, grouchy passenger and then put him in a car on the wrong side of the road. With right hand drive! I must be mad.)

Wrist bands and ID badges are here for the kids – I am debating whether tattoo’ing my mobile number to their wrists is over protective  . . . (paranoid mother alert)

I am prepared. Which is to say, now that I think I am ready I can start worrying about everything. Because, while I love to visit new places, getting there always makes me nervous. Ensuring we have all the paperwork, knowing where the kids are at all times – it’s this sort of thing that makes my stomach churn. Once we are there, all will be fine – until the day before we leave anyway.

So what to be optimistic about?

I am optimistic that it won’t rain all week – just half of it.

I am optimistic that I can drive on the wrong side of the road without too many tense moments or heated discussions about how I should have indicated before pulling out.

I am optimistic that I have not forgotten anything.

As for the rest of it – that’s all down to good planning!


What are you all optimistic about this week?



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Project Optimism – It’s all in the planning — 5 Comments

  1. Piper, I’m thrilled to hear about your upcoming trip to Disneyland. Are you going to Euro Disney in France? If so, you will be in for quite a treat. I remember when my kids went to Disneyland California for the first time. It was pure bliss! I’ll be honest, it was exhausting for mom and dad. But the memories are priceless! 🙂

    • We are – EuroDisney here we come. I am expecting exhaustion and over excitement and lots of bargaining for things from the gift shop – and that’s just from me 😉 Funny how we all buy into the whole Disney experience, no matter how old we are and how over priced we know it will be. 🙂

  2. Piper! It is going to be so much fun , your kids are going to be beyond ecstatic when they find out 🙂 Summer in Disneyland was probably one of the best summers I had. As for worrying about all the tiny details before travelling, everyone does that, so don’t worry. Once you are back, you will only remember the good times 🙂 This week I am optimistic about getting a job! 🙂 I have a good feeling about this! 🙂

    • Excellent – keep that feeling of optimism, it will show in any interviews you have. I always warmed to the interviewees who were cheerful – it showed as a positive energy in their demeanor. There was nothing worse than interviewing someone who was just dull, lifeless, miserable. Goodness, imagine having with work with them all day. Go in cheerful, come out successful 😉

  3. This trip will be absolutely fantastic! I always write lists before I go anywhere so I can tick everything off before setting out (otherwise I’m bound to forget something) 😀

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