Why do we blog?

There is an army of individuals out there in the world, sitting in cafes, kitchens, libraries and living rooms, carting their laptops to beaches, up mountains, to parks and remotes fields. All of them – us – are tapping away putting words to screens, trying to share some part of us with the world.

Why do we do it? Why do we blog?

I don’t mean the businesses, who are clearly marketing themselves.

I mean the people, like me, who just sat down one day and started to blog about things. Parenting, knitting, surfing, traveling, photography, politics, books, feelings – the subjects that are covered are endless. The expertise ranges. Some people are clearly professional writers who have an agenda, an aim, some opinion or knowledge they want to impart. Some people are amateurs who still want to share their experience in a particular area or skill.

Then there are those like me who just want to write. I have no particular aim, I have no specialist knowledge or exciting cause to promote. I just want to write. Whatever words come to mind, whatever subject matter I feel that day.

It is an outpouring of thoughts that run through my mind.

Despite starting my blog for no real reason, it has helped me in a number of ways, some of which were expected and some of which were not.

For example, I am practicing writing. I once thought that I would like to write but wouldn’t know where to start. Well, now I have. The more I write, the more I learn about what I like to share and what I struggle putting into words. Practice, practice, practice.

I am exposed to criticism. At first it was a scary prospect, now I look forward to comments from other people. I started blogging anonymously to the virtual world only, but bit by bit I am telling ‘real people’ that I know about my blog.

I am finding out more about myself. Each time I start to type my story wanders off, often in directions I was not expecting myself. The thoughts that come out can surprise even me.

Some readers have even said I am humorous. I would never have considered myself funny. I have discovered that I like that – but also that if I try to be funny on purpose, I am not.

But one of the main benefits of blogging, for me, is that it releases some inner tension. When I have a problem or am feeling fed up, writing about something relaxes me. Writing about that particular problem helps me clarify the cause. Whereas I get tongue tied when talking, writing helps me express myself clearly.

Why do you blog? How does it benefit you? More importantly, what have you learnt about yourself since you started blogging?

Tell me more – I am interested to hear what you have to say.

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Why do we blog? — 4 Comments

  1. There is a lot of humor in real life, and you express it well, Piper. Your posts are always interesting. I can’t imagine that I would have ever started a blog to just write about life. I started my blog simply for my own chronicling of my writing. I wanted a record for our son (he will appreciate it later), and even my grandchildren one day, so they could see what Grandma did when she went crazy and wrote books. I had no idea anyone would ever be interested in anything I would blog about.

    My purpose wasn’t originally to market myself or my books, but as time has gone by, I admit to using every opportunity to put my main character out there. However, blogging has been more personal to me than business. I really enjoy the people I’ve met here – on a personal level. I think blogging has made me more tolerant of others. I’m not a judgmental person by nature, but I’ve embraced people who I might not have wanted to associate with in my daily life. I find myself caring about the sorrow and happiness of other bloggers. The support here – both in business and personally – has been phenomenal.

    I like that you are using your blog as a way to write more. I loved this: “Each time I start to type my story wanders off, often in directions I was not expecting myself. The thoughts that come out can surprise even me.” … This still amazes me. I had no idea writing would be like this, and it’s so much fun to sit down and write just to find out what will happen next. 🙂

    • I completely agree, reading other peoples blogs has opened me up to people that I would not possibly have met or bothered to get to know in real life. It is fascinating, educating and humbling to read what other people have to say. And I have enjoyed getting to meet people I would not have had the chance to meet otherwise. The internet is so free’ing in that respect.

      Thank you for taking the time to respond – I don’t think the grandchildren will see you a crazy. They are going to be very proud of you!

  2. I definitely agree that blogging “releases some inner tension.” I originally started blogging on my birthday, back in September, as a gift to myself. It wanted to carve out a space JUST for mom. I needed a creative outlet as a full time homemaker. Cooking and cleaning wasn’t enough. I needed more.

    To my surprise, I have formed many wonderful friendships online and have discovered the beauty of the virtual world. In fact, blogging has restored my faith in community. Everyday I am amazed at the exchanges I have with people. You are one of my go-to gals in the blogosphere. It’s always a pleasure chatting with you Piper!

    • I love to chat with you too Anka. That was a lovely thing to say, thank you.
      I know what you mean though – being mum is great, but there is so much more to us than that. I like to have something that is mine. I work from home and somedays feel like I have not left the house in weeks. So having virtual friendships makes all the difference in having an adult chat or not.

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