February GOYBADS

January was a success. My list was completed. It’s time for the February GOYBADS list (if you have no idea what I am on about, this will explain it all)

1. Do you have lots of little clips of video of the kids, the dog, your mum’s sixtieth, your mate’s hen night? Now we have mobile phones with video capability, I seem to have loads of mini films which I take, download to my computer and forget.

So, this month I am going to piece it all together into a long film and see what there is. After all – what is the point of taking recording memories if you never look at them?

GOYBADS 1 – create a film.

2. Ebay the clutter. Seriously, I have a growing pile of kids toys, outgrown clothes, shoes, wellies, a pram . . . it’s time to stop building my mountain and start selling it. Ebay, car boot. Whatever it takes, that pile is going!

Oh – and the money I make, that will be going too. On decorating the living room. Add that one to March!

GOYBADS 2 – sell!

Of course, there are the regulars –

GOYBADS 3 – complete some coursework.

GOYBADS 4 – work, work, work.

So – that will do for now!

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February GOYBADS — 4 Comments

  1. I love your idea. Makes so much more sense that trying to keep up with a few resolutions all year long! 🙂 I just wrote about starting to work out again tomorrow, so I hope my GOYBADS for February-to get moving-works out! 🙂

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