Daily Prompt: Burning down the house

OK – A quickie. I just couldn’t resists today’s Daily Prompt.

Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab?


Seriously? My home on is fire! The kids, the cat, dog, hubby (in no particular order of priority) are safe. (I am assuming no one is bothered about the fish. Their tank is to heavy to lift and they have the greatest chance of survival, being surrounded by water and all that.)

What did I grab?

1. Pants.

I mean, the place will shortly be rubble and there could be a lot of people turning up to gawk – hopefully with water as well. I need to be wearing some clothes!

2. iPhone.

Well, if I want those people to turn up and bring their water, I need a phone to call them. Right?


I am not sure there is anything else I particularly need enough to stay in the flames rummaging about, but presuming of course I have the time…


3. My portable hard drive. 

It has my work, photos, personal docs and life on it. Computers can be replaced but the information on them can’t.

4. The car keys

So I can move the Mini out of the way of careless fire engines and falling masonry. I love my car.

5. Bear and George

Yes, I know that is technically two things. But the kids need their teddies. Some things are just irreplaceable. 



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  3. Pants? Laughing out loud! Are you a closet nudist like my husband or are you assuming the fire starts at night? Either way, that’s one thing I didn’t think of. As for car keys, I keep those in a hip pouch near the front door so I can grab that on the way out.

    • That is a very good point. I did assume it was a night time fire. In that case, if it was in the day time I am already dressed and have one more things I can save. What should that be?
      In that case, I probably should grab the bottle of red off the side, so that I can relax and watch the flames do their worst calmly.

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