Project Optimism – School is in Session!

I started today’s post completely differently. It began as a rather long winded panic about how many commitments I have on right now and descended into a rant.

I deleted that one. Boring.

So, instead of focusing on the things that need to be done let’s look at the positives.

We have had a four day weekend, thanks to the snow. We had sledging time. Snowball fights. We made snowmen – and a snow lady with oversized breasts (don’t ask!). My family and I have caught snowflakes on our tongues and made snow angels. We have sat in front of the fire with hot chocolate and played PS games. It’s been a happy weekend, full of family time.

I am however optimisticย that school will be open tomorrow.

Like most parents, much as I love having my children home with me, I appreciate the time that they go to school and the calm descends on the house. I am looking forward to a return to normality.

Snow, I have decided, is much like camping. Two days of it are great, three days are tiring. Four days are too much!


This post is written as part of Project Optimism. You can find out more here or see some great contributions here and here.ย 

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Project Optimism – School is in Session! — 17 Comments

    • My to-do list today is ridiculous, not helped by getting my car stuck in a snow drift and having to borrow one to get the kids to school, making me an hour late to get started on work ๐Ÿ™ The puppy is loving the snow though, I will post some more pictures in a bit. It is beautiful here at the moment.

  1. I’ve never experienced a snow day, but I’m sure I’d be climbing up the walls after a few days. Wish I could’ve seen a picture of the snowman/woman with big BOOBS! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • This was last winter’s snow and now the whole of the UK is under water I think I would prefer last year’s snow to all this rain. I don’t think we are going to get any fluffy whiteness this year.

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