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“It’s never a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don’t really know.” Agree or disagree?

This reminds me of a conversation with my daughter last year, age 5. She goes to a Church of England school where they are quite hot on discussing God. I had already been slightly startled when we were wandering through a department school a month or so earlier, a spider ran across the floor and, anticipating her screams I quickly told her to leave it alone and not squash it.

“Oh no”, she said earnestly. “I would never squash one of God’s creatures”.

I have never been ‘into’ religion. I went to C of E school’s, I had religious studies and as a Brownie, I went to church once a month in the hopes that it would be my turn to carry the flag. I concluded early on, possibly with very little thought involved, that religion seemed to be the basis for a lot of war, terrorising others and being over judgemental. I liked attending church (and chapel every Sunday at school) for the singing, but the sermonising was quite off putting – I never have been one for lectures.

As I have grown up (slightly) I have come to understand that there are degrees of belief, degrees of fanaticism. I know there are viewpoints on the whole ‘religion causes war’ issue and that a simple summation of such a complex issue is just impossible.

And that’s the problem. There is no answer. There is no summation or conclusion to reach. There are only opinions. A lot of them.

I believe in treating other people the way you want to be treated. I don’t agree with causing hurt or pain to people or animals. I don’t see the need to mock other people for their viewpoint. Basically, I consider myself to be a good person. If you like, you could say that I am a good Christian, in that I believe actions and intentions. Good behaviour. Which coincides with the morality taught by the 10 commandments – I don’t steal, I try not to lie and I have not committed adultery or murder recently.

I just don’t see the need to attend a church to do it.

Perhaps I am lazy. The idea of disliking someone because of their religion seems like a lot of effort to me. First of all I would have to find out what their religion was. Then I would need to find out about that religion and find something to dislike about it. After all, I can’t just not like someone without an actual reason. So – a lot of effort! Tch.

Let me live my life my way, I will let you live yours your way (so long as no one gets hurt – always a qualifier). Simple.

Except, it isn’t simple. I know that if I was to mention this to anyone else, it would become a discussion. Probably a long one. And until you have had that discussion with someone – anyone, a close friend, a family member – you don’t know how they are going to react and whether a simple comment is going to become the most offensive thing you have ever said to them ever! 

And as a subject that doesn’t really excite me, it isn’t something I can get passionate enough about to make a good argument. So – best not to start the conversation in the first place.

Anyway – back to that chat with my 5 year old.

MM1  – Mummy, I am a Christian.

Me – Are you?

MM1 – Yes, at school I learnt that I am a Christian because I go to church every Sunday.

Me – No you don’t. So, what is a Christian?

MM1 – A human. I am a human, so I am a Christian.

Me – And what if you are not a Christian?

MM1 – Then you are a gremlin. My teacher said so.

Go on – who wants to argue with a 5 year old?

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  1. For me, its very hard to not talk about God as I feel He is in everything and everywhere and He has done so much in caring for and loving me. I don’t always blog about him, because like you, I find people are easily insulted. However, sometimes I realize there is just no way around it. Many religions are works-based, that is they rely on the concept of their own works leading them to heaven. My belief is the Bible that states that our works don’t mean a thing. It’s only because Jesus loves us, died for us, carried our sins to the cross that we are able to enjoy salvation and God’s rest forever with him. I can’t change anyone’s mind nor do I try to. I just encourage them to read the Bible. It’s all in there and if you let God speak to you, He will. If we think we can earn our way to heaven, what is the point of Jesus? Just my two cents. Not trying to preach, but give another viewpoint. BTW, I don’t agree with the idea that we should think less of a person because of their religion. God called us to love everyone, even people who believe differently than us. Even in my own circle of Christian friends, there are disagreements yet our foundation in Jesus and the Bible keeps us friends.

  2. My parents-in-law are born-again Christians and I’m an atheist. We have some interesting conversations – but I listen to them and they listen to me (and I guess that’s the only civil way to get around these things). But I love writing about religious fanatics so they always give me great ideas! 😉

    • I don’t come across too many people that are so devout they feel the need to convert me. I am always quite surprised about how much more ardent Christians are in the U.S. – it does seem to be a much larger part of daily life there. Possibly my views are formed by the TV and reading blogs and I have the wrong impression. Perhaps it is because we are typically English about it here and less vocal / more reserved. What is Australia like?

      • Australia is not nearly as bad as the US – people don’t really try to jam it down your throat here. What I see of the US is really over the top (but I could just be reading the worst of it or watching the wrong TV shows) 😉

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