Lesson 4 – Well, a question really!

I have a question. Perhaps you can help me.

While I am still learning how to blog and have posted previously on my own findings, there is still so much about blogging (and tweeting and internet life in general) that I have yet to understand. Which is fine, I am happy to learn through trial and error. Occasionally I have a light bulb moment. I do like to try things for myself.

But I cannot quite understand the re-blog feature.

That’s not quite true. I understand that when you find a fabulous, inspirational or quality post that just speaks to you, you might want to share that with your own readers. I have tried to the feature out myself here, when I felt that this post said everything that needed to be said.

And I do like that people out there are finding something I have written worthy of being re-blogged to their site. It doesn’t happen often, but I like it. It feels complimentary. 

So maybe I do understand it better than I thought.

Except – why do some readers start a blog of their own which consists entirely of re-blogged posts? Sometimes they don’t format or personalise the blog site. Just re-post other blogs. No comment of their own, no explanation.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind being re-blogged to these sites either (after all, I have the ability to refuse the re-blog). I just don’t understand why they do it?

So, satisfy my curiosity. Educate me please.

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Lesson 4 – Well, a question really! — 7 Comments

  1. I believe that some of these blogs that you talk about are SEO blogs, or the people behind them simply don’t want to write themselves until they’ve gathered enough followers. I don’t know if I’m right but I also find it strange. Why start a blog if you don’t intend to share your own thoughts?!

  2. I’ve wondered about this, too, Piper. I usually go look at the site to see if it’s a real person reblogging, or if it’s a reblog site with no other commentary and no rhyme or reason. Do I have to approve a reblog? I don’t remember. I don’t always approve pingbacks onto my blog, because I don’t want links to the reblog sites on my posts.

      • I’ll try. 🙂 A pingback (and maybe trackbacks, too) “enables authors to keep track of who is linking to, or referring to their articles.”

        If I put a link to one of your posts in *my* blog post, you will get a notification to approve it or not. If you approve it, *my* blog post link – the one where I referenced your blog post – will show up on *your* page in the comments section of the post I linked to.

        If you look at my post on the 11th, and scroll down 2/3 or so to just above Bo Lumpkin, you will see a pingback. Annie linked that particular post of mine on her site. She can do that as much as she wants, but for the link *back* to Annie to appear on my blog post, I had to approve it. Anybody can put your link in their post, but for *their* link to appear on *your* page, you have to give the approval. Every time. I don’t approve all pingbacks. Some are simply people trying to get their link in your comments section.

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