Get off your backside and do something! 2

As voted for by Maddie and Dianne in my original post I am naming this post the “Get off your backside and do something” list. (GOYBADS ?!)

To save you having to read the original post, I decided that rather than have a New Year Resolution that I would not bother to keep, I would have a monthly To Do list and see how long that lasted.

I have to say, so far it has been pretty darn motivating. In the last week or so I have

  • organised photo albums of the wedding, honeymoon and family for the last year;
  • filled the photo frames AND (and this is even more impressive) got Mr G to get them up on the wall in the same weekend! Never underestimate the power of a good nagging.
  • filled that scrap book with the items we collected on our honeymoon in Sri Lanka;

Not bad going!


However, I did notice that whilst I spent the hours choosing photos and arranging albums I did not get to play with the kids or relax with the husband over the weekend. Something has to give – it seems it is always a choice between work or play, prioritising one job over the over.

Now I have the day to myself I have another choice. Coursework or paying work, blogging or job hunting.

So I am adding something else to my January GOYBADS list – to start noting down the time I spend on different tasks in the day and see where my life is going.

How are you all getting on with your resolutions? Ready to join me and GOYBADS?

(Do you think it will catch on?)

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Get off your backside and do something! 2 — 6 Comments

  1. Good for you, Piper! GOYBADS worked for me today.

    We had a four-year-old houseguest for two weeks last summer, and I literally left the large living room of our house (which doubled as her bedroom/playroom) pretty much as it was the day she left. The room is closed off for most of the year, so I felt no urgency to do anything in there. I tackled it today and put all of her things away and gave it a good cleaning before closing it up again. I also wrapped our Christmas presents to send to her in Texas. We all thought it would be more fun for her to get them now than when she was so overwhelmed with so much stuff at Christmas. I have been dragging my feet doing these two things, and I now am glad they are done!

    My next GOYBADS is a deep clean in my office. I won’t be able to start writing again until I have a clean environment around my desk.

    • It has really tickled me, seeing you use GOYBADS in a sentence. 🙂
      We have a large lounge that we rarely use, it’s full of junk and furniture we really need to sort and clear as it is the most beautiful room. I think that’s a task for another month though, it’s a biggie.
      Glad you have your lounge / playroom cleared, but you know that the moment you sort it, your houseguest will probably come and use it again 🙂

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  3. Sounds like a great idea. From your latest update, it seems like you’re keeping up with your GOYBADS! Nice! Incidentally, I spend a large chunk of my day blogging and job hunting too. 🙂

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