My name is Piper George and I am an Apple addict.

I was perusing a blog post on the wonderful brand of Apple – iPads, new iPads and Minis – Oh My! to which I added a comment, which got to be so long I felt I should really cheat a little and make it into a post on my own blog.

I have to stand up and admit that I am an Apple addict.

I had to be convinced to swop from Windows. After all I used it at work, I used it at home. I understood how it worked. I knew what to do when I got the ‘blue screen of death’ (kick it, turn it off and start again is I believe the accepted method). I could find my way round the documents and while I never really understood the details of why I had to accept all the updates the computer would regularly tell me it required, I just agreed to everything it demanded.

My brother nagged me for years to try a Mac. When I met Mr G, my brother started to nag him too. They could get quite heated in their defense of their preferred system – which looking back is quite amusing. Why do we get so protective over a computer we did not even make?

Still,  I refused to spend so much money on something I didn’t want or need. How expensive was a basic Macbook compared to a Windows PC – I believe it was approximately £500 more at that time.

But when my daughter was born my brother ‘lent’ us his spare apple mac so he could facetime his niece (as all babies are great on the computer) and I started to appreciate how easy it was to use for photos and videos of my baby girl. When I plugged the video camera in to my old Windows laptop it needed ‘drivers’ and other software to make it work. When I connected to the Mac, it found whatever it needed and up popped my film, with easy to use editing and movie making options. How marvellous!

So, off I went to get my very own Macbook. I have had the basic white Macbook now for 6 years. It’s a little battered and I have had to replace the power cable. But it is otherwise as fast, capable and useful as it was at the beginning. When the plastic chipped along the front ‘palm rest’ area, I took it to the Apple store and they replaced it. For free. While I waited. You can’t imagine Curry’s doing that!

Fast forward 6 years and I have an iPhone (my 3rd) and an iPad too. (And a Kindle. Shhh)

OK, I have not upgraded to the new iPhone 5 – partly because I am a bit miffed about the change of power cable, but also because I don’t ‘need’ to and may yet wait for the iPhone 6 which is sure to follow.

I use my Macbook during the day for writing, browsing, photos and video organisation. But my iPad goes to bed with me so I can carry on playing, writing and browsing. It enables me to lie in and write at weekends (I recommend the bluetooth keyboard) without having to go downstairs for the Macbook and power cable. It goes on holiday with us, loaded with films and games for the kids to keep them occupied on planes. It goes on overnight stays with me. It’s my portable friend.

My iphone is always with me. I need it to be available at all times. I start to shake when I am without communication.

But, and I hate to admit this, when it comes to simply reading, the Kindle is by far the better (although I have issues with some of the controls). The Kindle is lightweight. The iPad is just that little bit too big and heavy. It makes your hand shake and go numb after a while. Plus the e-ink of the Kindle is vital to reading outside. I do have the Kindle app on my iPad, but that doesn’t help when the glare of the sun makes it unreadable.

So, what do I think of the new iPad mini? What about the Kindle Fire, for that matter? To be honest, I have not looked at either in detail. I just don’t see the point. If I want to play, I have the iPad, which is better as the larger screen make browsing websites less frustrating. If I want to read the Kindle, as already stated, is more practical.   The iPad mini seems to be halfway between the iPhone and the iPad. I don’t need a middle size screen. I am sure if I had one, I could find a use for it. But I don’t need one.

Yes, I am an Apple addict. I like my gadgets. But until they make their prices slightly more realistic, I can control my addiction.

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My name is Piper George and I am an Apple addict. — 2 Comments

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  2. I am with you girl! I was reluctant to change at first but what was I thinking? Apple changed my life (as I sit here, writing on my MacBookPro, iPhone to my left and iPad to my right)

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