Little moments that make it all worthwhile

My little boy and I have a ‘thing’. When the Little Einsteins comes on the TV, it’s a team effort to get Rocket up off the ground and off on their rescue of the day.

(Seriously, this will mean nothing to you if you have not see it!)

This morning I was sitting in my study working away, when in sprinted my son in a state of excitement. “Quick mummy, it’s starting.”

I run through the to living room, we start to clap along to the opening credits together. Once that has finished, the wee man gives me a push. “Go mummy. Work.”

Obediently I go back to work, a little sad that he knows already that I can’t stay and play with him. I keep an ear out though, because once they know their mission, Leo, June, Quincy and Annie climb aboard Rocket and I need to go back to help get them off the ground.

“Pat, pat, pat, pat” shouts Leo. My little boy and I are patting our laps as fast as we can, he is bouncing on the sofa in excitement.

“Now raise your hands in the air as high as you can,” commands Leo, “and shout blast off.”

‘Blast off!’ we yell. Arms wide, we ‘aeroplane’ around the room. My son is giggling hysterically.

These are the moments that make working from home worthwhile.




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