The most unpopular colour is the most tasty

Ask someone what their favourite colour is and you will invariably hear of deep sexy red or fresh natural green. Maybe  a refreshing cool blue or a pretty young pink!

Very few people tell you they like the colour brown. It’s not a choice for most people’s living room or a seductive mood swinging choice for a bedroom. Brown is the colour of earth. It’s reliable, sturdy. It promotes feelings of security, wholesomeness and order.

Brown is not fun or vibrant. We don’t buy bland brown decorations for Christmas. Very few people choose a brown car. Watch a young child learn their colours and they focus on bright primary colours first.

So I ask you – what is one of the warmest, friendliest, tastiest colours there is? Did you say brown? I bet you didn’t.  

And you are so wrong! 


Rich, deep brown is the colour of dark, smooth chocolate, firm in the hand and flowing like a thick blanket down the throat.

Warm, earthy brown is the colour of hot chocolate, smothered in twirling white cream and dotted with marshmallows, comforting on a snowy day in front of a roaring log fire.

Light, golden brown is the colour of freshly baked cake, crisp on the outside, light and moist in the middle.

Fresh baked bread










And don’t forget the various middling shades.

The crunchy brown of a farmhouse loaf, warm from the oven and smeared in butter.

Divine sausages, browned in the oven and served with mash and onion gravy.

Succulent steak, panfried in sea salt and pepper.

Tender roast beef, with yorkshire puddings and lashings of horseradish sauce.

My personal favourite, a crunchy biscuit base rising to a dense chocolate cheesecake.


Now you are thinking in the right direction, what’s your favourite brown?

Wedding cake

Rich dark and succulent, my chocolate wedding cheesecake













Written for the DPchallenge – and now I am so hungry, I may just have to go and search my kitchen cupboards to see what other browns I can find. All in the name of research, of course.

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The most unpopular colour is the most tasty — 13 Comments

  1. I’ve always liked brown, but you’re right, I have probably never given that as my answer to a favorite color question. You make it seem even more appealing! I’m not sure what my favorite brown is… perhaps the golden brown of a toasted marshmallow, or the top of creme brulee. Bitter chocolate is lovely, too.
    I loved this post! Very nice work.

  2. brown…. the crunchy bits at the edges of a homemade macaroni and cheese…. brown m&ms….and yum to the crispy sides of the eggplant circles i am about to devour happily with my sweetie pie…a freshly unwrapped suger daddy oversized .lollipop from the quickstore . and of course the beautiful and smooth top layer of an authentic boston cream pie….thanks again for the reminder.

    • Your macaroni and cheese has made me think about the slightly crisped edges of a lasagne. I am not sure what crispy eggplant circles are though – something new to try! Thanks for the idea.

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