Lesson 2 – Being over prolific is not necessarily a bonus

As I am new to blogging, I thought I would keep a running log of any lessons I have learnt as I go. Hopefully it might be of use to other new bloggers. More likely, someone with more experience may drop by to correct my assumption and possibly give me some much appreciated advice as to where I am going wrong. 


In the last few days I have got round to writing a number of posts, which I immediately added to my blog. However, now I think about it, this may not have been the best approach.

Since every new post appears on the ‘front page’ of my blog, any followers who receive a mail about there being a new post may just pop in, read the top piece and then move on to another blog. Which, not wanting to sound greedy, means they haven’t read all of my posts. 

I am not assuming everything I write is interesting to everyone, or anyone. Or that it’s great. But the aim of writing a blog (for me, anyway) is to try to reach an audience. Ergo, I want to keep that audience until they have read every word.

In addition, there are days when I don’t write. Had I saved some of my posts ‘for a rainy day’ then I could have posted them in a dry spell.

In summary – being over prolific doesn’t see to me to necessarily be a good thing. Save something for tomorrow!

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Lesson 2 – Being over prolific is not necessarily a bonus — 5 Comments

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  2. I try to post twice a week. Sometimes when people I follow post daily, I find it difficult to keep up because I don’t check WP daily and then I feel bad for missing their posts 🙁

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