A Mini bit of progress

I have a Mini Countryman. I did the research. I peered at other cars. I searched for something that was practical for a cost effective family of four but still looked and felt fun and wasn’t the size of a tank. Then in one weekend I saw my first Mini Countryman, felt a click in my head and went all out to get one.

She’s mine. I am happy with her. I call her Muffin because, yes, she is an oversized Mini with a muffin top. I see her as a progression of Mini from the old fashioned to the modern.

So, actually, I don’t need you miserable old men to come peering at her and looking in my windows in the car park. You can keep your comments to yourself, thank you. ‘It’s not a proper Mini, though, is it?’

Yes actually – she is. Look there, built by Mini! Even has a Mini badge.

After all, I don’t go round poking at the iphone saying ‘It’s not a proper phone though is it!’

old fashioned mobile phone

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