How far will you go . . .

For a holiday?

I ask because I am currently sat in Starbucks, where I have been for the last 3 hours, all in aid of getting my 1 week of sun, pool and waiter service for the summer.

Just a few months ago Mr G and I had said we would forego a family holiday this year. After all we had a wedding to pay for, we enjoyed a fabulous honeymoon. To go abroad again would be greedy. Month of downpours, colds and work stress and enough is enough. Mr G came home last week and said ‘Book it’!

No need to tell me twice. It’s my job to do the searching and booking. Don’t ask me how I came by this role, I don’t remember applying for chief organiser. I think it comes partly from being the mum and partly from being naturally controlling (I admit it, I know I am. But that’s because no one else can do it properly and as efficiently as me, of course).

But, just before I booked I thought I better just check and there was the snag. My daughter’s passport expired in April this year. Whoops. Mr G has booked the week off work, we go in 4 days and my daughter has no passport. Briefly consider leaving her behind with granny, but that really does take the F out of family holiday.

Monday saw me frantically running round our home town getting new photos, passport application forms and finding a friendly lawyer to sign both. On Tuesday I worked from sun up to late into the night doing all the work I wasn’t going to be doing on Wednesday. And Wednesday, here I am in Starbucks after a 2 hour drive to Liverpool, 40 minutes wait in the passport office and now a 4 hour wait for the superbly expensive, one day issue passport. Fingers crossed that when I go to pick it up in 55 minutes the paper work has been accepted and the photo considered good quality (some concerns were had over the darkness of the background grey . . .) .

After three caramel macchiatos, 2 large cookies and a dry sandwich and facing the prospect of a 2 hour drive home, I really hope there are some holidays left to book!

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