TTOT – A weekend of destruction

Wowwee, it’s been a long weekend.

Busy and fun and hectic and irritating and tiring and productive. It’s almost bedtime and I haven’t joined TTOT, or even blogged in ages. So I’m just going to throw it out there, my short list for the week, with no thought or editing.

Let’s see how it goes, shall we?

1. Technically last weekend, but I had a great overnight spa break with the girls. I’ve mentioned them before, because we have a friendship built and based online and some of us have never met in real life, despite having shared our most intimate details with each other over the last 9 years.

How awesome is that! Thank you for amazing friendships.

2. And spa breaks! Oh my, that deep tissue massage was good, even if the masseuse was practically kneeling on me, digging her elbows in and still unable to completely clear my tense muscles.

She did tell me I should have a massage at least once a month – and hey, she’s practically a doctor, right? So, it’s kinda like a prescription, and I should listen to her.

3. On Sunday (still last week) the family and I had a fab day out together, at the Beagle Welfare Fun Day, raising money for beagles who need homes. Such beautiful animals, very loving and loyal and just a teeny bit naughty . . . well, teeny in the way that an elephant is teeny to an ant.

Yay for beagles.

4. And for family time and picnics.

6 ice cream

5. On Monday we saw a lawyer about responsible grown up stuff like wills and caring for the kids if we were to die early and simultaneously in a multiple pile up caused by a drunk foreign lorry driver while on our way to a campsite.

Mr G and I do take our discussions seriously. The solicitor looked a bit bemused and wan by the end – but hey, we did the grown up thing for the year. Thankfully we can go back to playing now.

6. Which is why Mr G spent some time working on his bar in the garden. I don’t really know yet if I will be thankful for it – but I’ll try.

7. On Friday we completed on our first buy-to-let. So exciting – we are officially on our way to being landlords.

I had pre-organised all the workforce –  who all told me it would take weeks to get the house sorted. Despite them, by Friday evening we had the floors up, kitchen and bathroom ripped out and one skip filled, the painter was underway, the carpet fitter had his measurements and 3 plumbers had been by to give me quotes.

Tell me I can’t do it all in one weekend! Go on. I dare you.

8. On Saturday I bought a kitchen, then dumped tools on Mr G to carry on knocking down, while I spent the entire day working at the school fair to try and squeeze cash from reluctant parents.

Luckily this year we had a Pimms tent and as the alcohol kicked in, the fists loosened. Great day, beautiful weather and a happy vibe – lovely.

9. Followed by an evening of wine, BBQ and water fights with relaxed and fun company.

10. And a Sunday spent putting together the cupboards for the new kitchen. But at least we had some help, which made the work go faster and means I can get on with the next job tomorrow. So – that’s a thankful – right?

Now you mention it, yes – I am very tired and yes – I have a lot on and yes – this is why I haven’t been around much lately.

Also, yes – I do miss you guys and blogging with y’all and yes – at some point I will be back. Please do bear with me. I think I have a weekend free in September!

I’ll be back with finished pics – very soon.

Friday at 1pm

Friday at 1pm

Saturday am.

Saturday am.

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