A little lingerie

Just about 3 weeks ago Mr G and I embarked on our usual circling discussion of what he should get me for my birthday. He believes I should tell him what I want and I really hate to do that, it makes me feel kinda mercenary.

I mean – do I name jewellery and look greedy and demanding, go for practicalities like that new vacuum I really need and look totally over my age group, or perhaps just aim for chocolates and end up feeling boring? I have learnt never to say ‘Oh, nothing really’ because that is just the opener to total disappoint and one doozy of a row!

So, on this particular day, exactly 2 days before my birthday and leaving little time for a working man to manage his shopping – as usual – Mr G threw in the opening gambit with a long suffering, much put-upon tone in his voice of ‘What do you want for your birthday?’

I respond with the usual superior tones of ‘after all this time you should know me enough to be able to choose’ and we ended, some 20 minutes later, him annoyed with the inconvenience I had thoughtlessly put him to by having a clearly unexpected annual event, and me put out that I am, apparently, not as important as the new sound system that was urgently needed for his garden bar.

A few hours later, once things were back to normal, Mr G was sorting through the washing and commented on the lack of titillating underwear in my possession.

Yes, it was a full day later that these two facts connected – and I received a phone call at work subtly asking for my sizes.

Do you know, this is the first time I ever had lingerie bought for me? It’s true. I thought about it afterwards and no one ever bought me lingerie before. Looking back at my past relationship history this really shouldn’t surprise me, but there we are.

Plus I learnt something else. Do you know the difference between lingerie and negligee? Really? Cos I had to look it up.

So now, not only do I own some delicious, lovely lingerie, I also own a negligee.

Check me – all grown up!

Interestingly, I learnt something else as well.

Mr G does know the difference between lingerie and negligee. He tells me this is a subject all men are advanced in. He also made it clear that while the dictionary may define lingerie as ‘underwear’, the male definition include the words ‘sexy’ and/or ‘alluring’.

Who knew?!


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