TTOT – What would you all do with a field?

We have a 10 acre field.

I realise having a field does not make us in any way special or unique.

We have a field and we don’t know what to do with it.

Currently we rent it out to a farmer, who puts his 16 cows on it for 16 weeks a year. The rent pays for the upkeep of the field. That’s all.

Farming does not pay.

A field for hire

A field for hire

We looked at putting horses on it. We went round to a farm locally. The lovely lady there, Sue, breeds beautiful award winning shire horses. They were HUGE. She sells their sperm for a mini fortune a pop. Seriously – Sue’s Shire Sperm Sells.

Sue spent a good portion of her day showing us her horses and explaining in great detail why allowing a number of strangers to rent our field for their horses, with all their expectations, demands and unreliability, would drive us nuts.

Horses are out.


We don’t know a lot about animals and we know a lot less about agriculture. So setting up our own farm, or animal husbandry, or being self-sufficient in some way, would be a little beyond us.

I’ve tried growing veg before. Even made my own strawberry bed. The idea is fun, inception is great. The long term care?

Growing our own is out.

So I am reaching out to you, my marvellous assortment of friends with a wide variety of skills and experience. Tell me – what would you do with a field.

Homemade Raised Strawberry Bed

Homemade Raised Strawberry Bed

Why am I thankful this week?

I’m sitting in bed on a Saturday morning with my laptop, catching up with y’all. Mr G is with me, Sackgirl is contentedly playing with her games and Botboy has bathed and dressed without a screaming fit. No one is panicking or rushing about or stressing.

So – there’s 4 reasons to be thankful right there.

I’ve been out networking and meeting local businesses all week. Networking is a funny game – I’ve met so many people who are incredibly friendly, happy to go out of their way to talk, give advice, share and to recommend me to others. There are others, of course, but I’ve been lucky enough to meet plenty of the first type, and I really appreciate all the time they have given me.

I’ve booked our first trip of the year in Cherry, and I’m already excited about it. We’re off to stay in the Lee Valley, so we can fit in plenty of cycling, meet with family, pop into London if we feel the urge, but most importantly . . .  we are off to Harry Potter world.

Yes – a holiday – and we get to visit Harry Potter world. I’m excited, the kids are excited, but you know who wants to go the most . . . .MR G.

Don’t ask me why, but he really has gotten into the Harry Potter fandom.

I might buy him a wand for V Day.

Oh – that reminds me, it’s V Day tomorrow. I expect everyone is blogging about love and their special someone. We will probably do something – have a meal and a bottle of wine. We’ve had so much going on right now that I am not too worried about focusing on one day.

All in all, it’s been a busy week. What have you all been up to?

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