Can we just pause – for a week or two?

This week I officially became mother to two school age children. That’s it, my little baby is officially no longer my little baby. He’s like a fully grown boy thing now – well, not fully grown, but big enough.

In fact, I’d like him to stop growing now – just for a bit, because he’s growing far too fast.

So is Sackgirl too, while I’m thinking about it. Last week we had a starter discussion about puberty and coming into season and everything. (We were talking about the dog, just to clarify, although we did touch on periods. She wasn’t that interested, I decided to wait a bit longer.)

It’s scary. It’s also a little bit sad, to know they are no longer babies. Soon they will want to be out with their mates instead of playing lego ships with me, they won’t want cuddles, or bed time stories, or help brushing their hair.

I can’t deny though, that there is also a little bit of relief. Is that the right word? A small sense of freedom? A part of me that thinks ‘yay, now I can fit in a few other things I want to get done.”

I’m not going to feel guilty about that! In fact, I think it’s kind of healthy. After all, I don’t want my kids to rely on me forever. I mean, yes, they can rely on me to always be here when they need help, support or a bit of advice. But I want them to be self-confident and able to wipe their own butts, literally and figuratively.

That’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing.

But, for right now, just for a little bit while I get accustomed to this new stage, can we all just stop getting older and revel in this moment. Please. No more growing – until next month, at least.

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